"The Green Beret"

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I was drafted while attending the University of Minnesota and working to help pay for my education.  I was given basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood by the U.S. Army.  I graduated as the Outstanding Trainee in my company of over two hundred men.  I didn't know there was such a position.  Based on hindsight, I can explain how it happened in my book, RFate2Be.  I was sent to Ft. Belvoir, VA to complete my Advanced Infantry Training as a Power Generator Repairman and given an MOS of electrician.  Out of over twenty graduates, the prior service graduate was sent to Germany.  I was in the top four of my class and was sent to Vietnam.  Sometimes doing well can have consequences.

Later on in my book, RFate2Be, I will explain how my commanding officer made sure I went to Vietnam.  Fellow students warned me that I should have gone to Canada instead of going into the U.S. Army as a draftee..

Sic Pila Salit as the Romans used to say.  I was having lunch at Travis Air Force base while waiting to board my Pan Am plane to Vietnam when the loud speaker announced the assassination of President Kennedy.  This chapter is concerned only with one event of my 1 year, 10 days, 12 hours, and 15 minutes tour of Vietnam duty.  My DD214 succinctly says 1 year/11 days.  (Please click on First Page (below or above) to continue story.)

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