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Scott J. Linsley

I was permanently assigned to Pleiku, Vietnam but traveled to Nha Trang, Bien Hoa, Danang, and Saigon.  I dug fox holes, filled sand bags and maintained four diesel engines that supplied our Troposcatter Site with 24 hour power for communications all over Vietnam.

When the power failed we were down for about 15 minutes.  We also lost about 15 soldiers in the field because they could not call for operational support.  I had a record of four months without an outage compared to the other five sites.

The four generators used a lot of diesel fuel.  Twice a month, a fuel truck delivered 3000 gallons of number 2 diesel fuel.  The problem was that we needed an extra delivery truck once in awhile.  Instead of consuming 500 gallons per day, our figures showed about 600 gallons per day.  I was asked by our commanding officer to determine why.  (Please click on Next Page (below or above) to continue story.)

Goodnight Saigon

We met as soul mates on Parris Island
We left as inmates from an asylum
And we were sharp, as sharp as knives
And we were so gung ho to lay down our lives

We came in spastic like tameless horses
We left in plastic, as numbered corpses
And we learned fast to travel light
Our arms were heavy, but our bellies were tight

We had no home front, we had no soft soap
They sent us Playboy, they gave us Bob Hope
We dug in deep and shot on sight
And prayed to Jesus Christ with all our might

We had no cameras to shoot the landscape
We passed the hash pipe and played our Doors tapes
And it was dark, so dark at night
And we held on to each other like brother to brother
We promised our mothers we'd write

And we would all go down together
We said we'd all go down together
Yes we would all go down together

Remember Charlie, remember Baker
They left their childhood on every acre
And who was wrong? And who was right?
It didn't matter in the thick of the fight

We held the day in the palm of our hands
They ruled the night and the night
Seemed to last as long as six weeks On Parris Island
we held the coastline they held the highlands

And they were sharp as sharp as knives
They heard the hum of our motors
They counted the rotors
And waited for us to arrive

And we would all go down together
We said we'd all go down together
Yes we would all go down together

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