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Hang On Ivory Chess Sets (Modern and Oriental Styles) Description

(My notes are near bottom just below 2 travel orders pictures.)

Description ID: Hang On Ivory Chess Sets (Modern and Oriental Styles) Description

Acquired On: October, 1964

Title: Hang On Ivory Chess Sets (Modern and Oriental Styles) Description

Description: Ivory Chess Sets made by Hang On Ivory Factory, Hong Kong

Condition: Excellent - Never Used in Original Box

Origin: Personal Purchase In Hong Kong, October, 1964.

Provenance: Acquired New.
In storage for 47 years.

Described By: Scott J. Linsley

Description: The Hang On Ivory Factory, located on Castle Road in Hong Kong, was established by Raymond Wang in 1921, and is still in business.

The Ivory Chess Set is one of Hang On's most popular products.   However, it is rare in terms of the availability of Ivory.   Since the U.S. Naval Store approved this retailer for legally acquired Ivory, all military personnel purchased their products knowing they were not the result of poaching.

I was able to purchase in the October, 1964 period shown by my military travel orders which can be viewed by buyer.

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Every military person in Viet-nam was given a 5 day RR, Rest and Relaxation leave for serving 24/7/365 duty in a war zone in Viet-nam for which we also got $50/month combat pay in addition to our $50 per month basic pay.   Normally $100/month was more than enough to live on.   It was my bad luck to have the battalion pay clerk steal my first 3 months of pay through a clever ruse.   I lost the battle even though I kept the pink pay vouchers to prove my case against the clerk.   The same battalion clerks tried to steal my jungle boots when I left Viet-nam.   But forewarned is forearmed.   Oh well, "Such is Life."   Regarding RR to Hong Kong, it was dictated as to when we could go by the commanding officer.   In my case, the commanding officer didn't want to let me go because I was the only one performing power generator maintentance.   Unfortunately, I replaced 4 men and the U.S. Army in their infinite wisdom never requisitioned a backup much less the 3 extra men needed for a full complement of power generator operators in Pleiku, Viet-nam.

In addition, when I returned from Hong Kong, the commanding officer had me sign a request for a 30 day extension of duty or until he could get the 4 replacements.   In my case,they came to Pleiku at 10 days, ll hours, and 15 minutes after my due date to return to the U.S.   So, I have always told people that ask that I spent 1 year, 10 days, 11 hours, 15 minutes too long in Viet-nam and it is documented on my DD 214.   Unfortunately and unknown to me, Agent Orange and Agent Purple were starting to do their damage to my body.   So now, I have type II diabetes, heart problems, and kidney problems so that I can't travel by plane anymore.

Now, I should mention the politics of my stay in Hong Kong.   I stayed at the Hong Kong Hilton for $9/day for 5 days which was paid for by Uncle Sam.   The rate today is over $450/day.   I was told that I couldn't buy any product made in China.   Also, I could only buy Ivory at the Hang On Ivory Company because it was illegal to buy Ivory if the U.S. Naval Store authorities did not approve the company that a military or U.S. citizen acquired it from.   Since I had saved almost all my pay for a year, I bought binoculars, electronics, cameras, silks, pearls, and Ivory for my family and spent every penny in my bank account in St. Paul.   As long as I had a military I.D. I could cash checks anywhere in Hong Kong.   I should mention that I also traveled as a 32nd degree Mason thanks to Master Sergeant Brown.   I had 4 10 point diamonds placed under the 4 wings of the 2 eagles on the ring that I wore.   Master Sergeant Brown later paid me back by letting me use an extra 100 pounds of his whole baggage alotment in addition to my 100 pounds to transport all my puchases back to St. Paul just in time for Christmas, 1964.

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