Hello My Baby

The Adventures of CyberCat

(Lois M. Linsley)

Lois started a new series of adventures with CyberCat.
Scott submitted CyberCat and the storyline to the U.S. Copyright Office.
CyberCat barely made it to the Internet nor was he sold in book form.
This was due to the lack of spectacular sales by Petey and Petunia.
So, CyberCat was also removed from this URL.

One snippet without a voiceover by Lois is left for your enjoyment.
It takes 10 minutes or more to load on a 56kb modem, but it's worth it.
Just click on the following and then OPEN to run the Shockwave Projector.
Once it runs, it will load immediately from cache for subsequent clicks.

Enjoy by clicking here.

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